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Dear Valued Customer,

During these uncertain times, news changes daily. State “stay-at-home” restrictions are now activated. Our abilities to do outside work are limited. Billings may be estimated.

Most of our associates are currently working from home. This will impact response times, especially regarding phone calls. Please email critical questions only to info@spectrumutilities.com. Spectrum Utilities is a billing service. Payment plans and late fee decisions will be set by your property management company. Stay safe.


Your Spectrum Utilities team


For nearly two decades, Spectrum Utilities Solutions, Inc. has provided water submetering services to shopping centers, apartment communities, mobile home parks and condominiums. Submetering provides the most equitable system of recovering water and sewer costs while promoting conservation, early leak detection and increasing an owner’s cash flow.


The benefits of submetering are:

  •  Transfer cost to tenants
  •  Protect against rate increases
  •  Pinpoint & Control water maintenance problems
  •  Reduce operating expenses
  •  Increase property value


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